Monday, January 20, 2014

Horses in Wool Needle Felting

    Horsing around over here on Monday.  This little filly is a needle felted project.  I used several shades of the wool to give her a nice dappled look.  She measures about 9" long, and 8 1/2" from her ears to her hoof.  Her width is about 3".  A nice solid little mare.  With a soft and gentle spirit.

   This little horse is a soft baby blue color, with a nice smattering of deeper blue spots, and a nice blue muzzle as well.  All made of wool, needle felted.  The mane and the tail are 100% wool cut and felted into place. 
   The challenge was getting it to rest in a comfortable position.  It measures about 8" long, 4" tall, and 2 1/4" wide at the shoulders.  It reminds me of the "My Little Pony" characters, but in a more realistic way anatomically.

      A pleasant Monday to you.  As we sing "Back in the Saddle, Again".

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