Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Soft Sculpture of Old Man Moon Face

   Did you happen to see the full moon last night?  It was already way up in the sky, when I noticed it at the supper table.  And later in the evening, out in the yard, the beautiful deep blue shadows from the trees, across the white snow, created by the moons light.   Wonderfulness!

   This is a soft sculpture I did, using a bit of fabric, that had this great aged look to it.  Adding some batting and a piece for the back, I took a needle to it and created this face.  The embroidery hoop measures about 8" across.

   Old Man Moon, looks out over the studio, and wonders what am I going to do next.   ???

               Hope the Moon Shines Bright in Your Part of the World!          :-)  Audrey

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