Monday, February 17, 2014

"Create a Heart" Saga

     Blue Monday...inspired a blue wool felted heart.  I call this one, "Melancholy."  The wool felted hearts continue, I will share a few more today.

   All those little wire ties from the bread were over flowing in the "save" place.  So, I took a handful one day and started twisting and weaving them into this little "wired" heart.  It measures about 3" x 5".

   Oh, no..I ate the last one....and I really love pistachio nuts!!   This would make a cute card, don't you think?  "Ah, Nuts....I am crazy about you." Or, "Ah, Nuts...I miss you."   Or, "Ah, Nuts...I wish you were still mine."   
   The "Create a Heart" saga continues...thanks for stopping in today!      : )   Audrey

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