Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hearts of Wool

    The needle felted hearts of  "drama" would like to have a show today.  So, here goes, the Broken Hearted  with a little bead work applied to the surface.  Who hasn't experienced a broken heart at some point?  

   Let's move on to a few more hearts of drama, ok?

    Hopefully, we don't know anyone personally, with this sad condition. 

             No words to express this brave representation of the sacrifice we know someone has made.

           I would like to leave you with a cheerful little felted heart, in hopes that you may find your happy heart today.  We have glorious sunshine here in Wisconsin today.  My Heart is Happy!!

        !(* *)!   Audrey

1 comment:

  1. Wow, cool theme! I think the Heart of Stone is my favorite. Very dimensional, and not a bad thing to have from time to time. A good thing to keep in a breast pocket :)