Monday, February 24, 2014

Nigels Monster Monday

                         GOOD MORNING..ME NIGEL, MONSTER BOY.  ME WANT TO GO
                        Well, my little woolie friend, that could be difficult.  Let me show you.

                                                             OH!   OH!
                                                   Oh! Oh! is right my monster boy!!
                                                         MONSTER SNOW!!!

                                                     ME WAIT FOR SPRING!

                             Now that's the spirit Nigel!  It will arrive, eventually.  And we will wonder were
       all  of this grand beautiful white stuff has gone.   Come on, let's do something fun today!

                               Keep it on the "sunny" side, people!        : )   Audrey

     PS   If you are new to my blog, Nigel is a repurposed wool sweater, puppet.  He has a heart of gold and a very loud voice.  He keeps me entertained.      (* *)

1 comment:

  1. Hang in the Nigel, in a few months the snow will feel like a distant memory. Stay fun buddy!!