Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Blue Jean Projects

    Hello!   This is Leviticus, the cat.  The owl is a lovely girl called, Magnolia.  The blue jeans provided enough material to make these two characters the other day.

    Leviticus, has an embroidered face, attached and then I tossed him into the washer to get the material to fray.  Adding a few strings of crochet thread to his ears, he told me he likes to be called Levi.

    Magnolia was cut from a different pair of jeans.  Love the various blues that the old denim comes in.  She can whistle a pretty tune.  And, she and Levi have a special relationship, when you see one you will see the other close by.

     Hope you can whistle a happy tune today!    : )  Audrey

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