Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Class Act Cats

      This is quite the pair.  I had an old bedspread that was just worn enough to justify purchasing a new one.  But the old bedspread still had a purpose.  One day, I cut out these two cats from the fabric.  Sewing them together and adding some stuffing, I decided they needed embroidered faces.

    I attached the faces, added some collars and embellished with some crocheted roses.  I then decided that these were two classy cats in need of some famous names.

      This is "Juliet", named after the well known Juliet of the Shakespeare play.  She is a lovely cat!

     This is "Josephine", named after the great love of a French man, who had some "stature issues".  The two cats are aristocrats, prefer to be pampered and live only in the "manor".

     They measure about, 20" long and 17" high.

        I hope you have a purr-fect day.....just couldn't let that one, not be said!      :  )   Audrey

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