Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Quilted Wall Piece

    Going back a few years here.  This is a hand quilted, dyed wall hanging.  I made this in 1993.  I drew the forms with a permanent pen, very fine tipped.  Then I "controlled" the color as I dipped it into the bath of color.  The small white areas are cut away and a rich satin peeks through with an extra bit of batting to puff it out.

    At the time I drew the design, I was "doodling"  and doing some bead work on the surface as well.  Now I understand that this type of drawing is called "zentangles" and there are a great many books out there on the subject. 
    I recently had a friend ask me to bring this to a quilt group to share.  Unfortunately, I was unable to make that gathering.  So, I thought I would share it here.  Oh, yes.  How long ago did I make this piece?  1993!!

    It's all in the details....what will this Tuesday hold?  Look carefully through out your day, it just may surprise you.       
          ; )   Audrey

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