Monday, March 31, 2014

Sven Gundersson The Ice Man

    Sven Gundersson is on the ice today!  He caught this big small mouth bass, posed for the photo, and then quickly released this fish.  Hoping to reel this one in again when the grass is green.

   Sven is a wool felted figure I made.  He sits at about 7".  The fish is a wooden replica, that I purchased at a craft store.  Rounding the edges of it, I then used my wood burning tool to etch in the markings, and a little nail polish gave the fish that nice glossy look.
   The little metal bucket he sits on was also a find at a local craft store.  Perfect fit for this sweet old man!

    Smile on through your Monday, it will make the day more of a delightful catch!!         : ) Audrey

    Here is a close up I took in the warmth of the studio!

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