Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Home Sweet Home Art

    This is a small painting I did on a 5" x 5" canvas.  I used some wooden letters and the cute little metal letters along with a couple of bee's.  Painted with an acrylic, and gloss medium to seal the surface.  I had so much fun with this one I tried another.

    On this one I used an assortment of letters from my stash.   Different types, hights and widths add an eclectic look to this piece.  It measures 5" x 5" as well.

    Dorothy was right, there truly is no place like "home".    Wonder-full Wednesday to You!   : )  Audrey

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Restored Victorian Photo Albums

    I thought I would share some more old "photo album art" with you today.  These two lovely things measure about 5" x 7".  They are completely original.  The detailing is so pretty on this that I only needed to put fresh decorative paper on the backs, and I used a high gloss sealer on them as well.  The white "beads" are glass, and kept the book from resting on it's surface, kind of like little legs.

    This little darling measures about 7" x 10", and has the original brass closures.  The surface of this one was in awful shape, so I repainted it brown, and used gold acrylic on the details to bring it back.  The letters are metal and I added them to the piece. 

       Stay Calm!     Smile On!     Audrey  : )

Monday, April 28, 2014

Old Photo Album Part II

    The project of the album continued with a nice coat of silver acrylic paint.  (I had taken the photos, just didn't download them the other day!)  I surprise myself with my efficiency...ha-ha!

    I painted the surface with a dark brown acrylic, and then wiped off the excess, which antiqued the surface nicely.


    This really brought out the details of the cover!

    The finished wall hanging, with the added message of "happy thoughts", would add a nice bit of art to someones' wall, don't you think? 
    To repurpose something that could have easily ended up in the garbage is very satisfying!

    I hope you have a pleasant Monday!   Thanks for stopping in today!   : ) Audrey

Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Old Photo Album Project

   This is a cover off of  a very old photo album.  It was all that was left to "make" something out of.  It is, or was covered with a blue velvet at one time.  Completely worn and aged beyond pretty.  The cover is embossed, and the fabric stretched over it somehow.  The album probably dates from the mid to late 1800's. 
   I decided to paint over the surface with an acrylic white.  It also seemed to seal in the rather "aged" smell of this dear old thing.

   Later that day, when I returned to the studio, the west light from the window really brought out the surface.  I had put two coats of white on it so far.
   The process did not end there.  I will show you the end results, next week!  ( I forgot to take the photos).

      Hope you have a restful, wonderful weekend!  See you on Monday!     :  )   Audrey

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


    That about wraps it up, don't you think?   No room for procrastination on this project.  I glued wooden letters and a metal key onto a 5" x 5" canvas.   Painted it with a metallic silver and a little blue acrylic.

    Make it a good one, OK?     : ) Audrey

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Crocheted Cactus

    I did some crocheting the other day.  Decided to try just making a shape and then another form.  The green yarn was a woolie, bumpy stuff that crocheted up nicely.  The tan colors worked up nicely.  After stuffing and stitching .....

...a cactus came to be.    It stands about 10" tall, and doesn't require any care.  Maybe just a quick rinse and dry from time to time, or a gentle shake outside to remove any dust.  Other then that, it just sits and looks pretty.   Since then I've crocheted about seven more of various colors and shapes.  I weigh them down inside the pot by adding a heavy washer to the bottom of the pot.

I hope you're sitting pretty today!!     Smile On!   Audrey

Monday, April 21, 2014

Talbot the Dog

     Hi !  This is Talbot, a long woolie dog.  The sweater that I made him from, was this great plaid, and very dense fabric, once I washed and dried it.  It was a man's sweater that became the size of a child's.  I think wool is an amazing fabric.  This plaid would have made great mittens, but I just didn't want to think of snow and cold anymore, besides I do love to make toys!

   Talbot is a two legged wonder, an he leans quite nicely into any comfy spot.  Also makes a great neck pillow.  No shedding!    He measures 21" long and stands (leans) at about 10 1/2".

    Enjoy your day!      (* *)  Audrey      


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring Refrigerator Art

     Hoppy Spring!!   Eventually we will have balmy breezes and the smell of fresh mown lawns, it's around the corner, forecast into the future, just down the road a piece....really!  

    This antique photo of this cheerful fella', just had to be made into this refrigerator magnet.  I love his bow tie, don't you? 
    May you eat chocolate, and dance the happy-hoppy-dance!    ; )  Audrey

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

All About the Birds

    Today is all about the the snow flakes fall, and the wind whips it about, I think of our feathered friends all huddled somewhere out there...poor little things!  This one was the 5th item I made from a suit jacket.  I didn't realise I would get so much fabric out of that lovely plaid jacket.

     These two little darlings were made from the old Army coat.  That would make five items from that coat, and there is still plenty left to play with!   I embroidered on the birds to bring out some of the character of their little bodies.  It's all in the details, and I do love putting a few more stitches, here and there.

   Thanks for stopping in today, I am going to get another cup of coffee, and head into the studio.
       (* *)    Audrey

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Over Night Delivery Owl

    Good Morning!  This is a little owl I made.  Used the same fabric from the suit jacket I made the barn cats from.  This little guy measures about, 5" tall.  He is all dressed up, because he always wanted to be in the postal business. 

   He has a nifty little backpack that helps when he makes any overnight deliveries.  There is a confidential letter inside that must be delivered as soon as possible.   So, with the quiet of an owls wing, he is off to deliver it!  
      I hope your Tuesday is delightfully ordinary!     Be Happy!    Audrey

Monday, April 14, 2014

Wood Burning Dragon Plaque

    Monday's Dragon!  This plaque measures about 9" x 12".  I used a wood burning tool to make this design.  Drawing it first with pencil, and then burning in the shades and textures on the dragon and the leaves.  It's just the bare wood here in this photo, Ed has since put a type of oil on that seals the surface and prevents the wood from cracking.

    I hope your Monday doesn't just "drag-on", count the smiles you encounter today, even the ones on the TV count in this game!    
     Smile One!   : )   Audrey

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Oliver the Owl

    Who?  Who?   Oliver, that's who.  This little owl came about through needle felting.  He started life out as a horse, and that didn't work out quite like I had hoped.  Manipulating the wool, Oliver appeared.  As to what kind of an owl he is?  Well, I have difficulty following a pattern, even the lovely patterns on real owls, so he is a breed all his own. 

   Starting with the core color of white, I made the shape of the owl, and then embellished him with all of the various colors to add interest to his form.  Oliver stands about, 9".  His claws are cut pieces from fake nails and painted black, the feet are pipe cleaners wrapped with wool to give them that feathered look.

   This was truly a happy ending to a rather stubborn mule (horse) situation.  I will try a horse again sometime, maybe...but not today! 

   The weekend is rolling in, and I can hear birds singing out in the yard...oh, yaw...Spring is in the air!!

      Thanks for stopping in this week, see you on Monday!!        ; )  Audrey     

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pearl and Jade The Cats

    Wonderful Wednesday to You!!   This is Pearl, a lovely little cat I made a few weeks ago.  The fabric was in my stash..forever...I was undecided as to what to use it for.  Then Pearl arrived.  I embroidered her face on a muslin fabric, and attached a pretty pink ribbon.  She sits quite comfy in the wicker chair, next to her fav pillow, crocheted roses. 

   This is Pearls brother, Jade.   A different material was used here.  Another bit I had ...forever..but, I think it works well for him.  I added a black corded lace for his collar, as he frowned at being decked out with pink!  He wouldn't even let me use a nice coral colored ribbon.  He can be so sensitive, although I think he would say he's "tough"....such a boy!   

   I hope you have time today to take a little "cat nap", it can be such a gift!      : ) Audrey

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Wild West Refrigerator Art

    Hey!  Y'all!!  This is the Root'en Shoot'en Toot'en Sisters!!   I purchased this photo at an antique shop, transferred the image to a piece of muslin, slapped it onto a magnet and made this refrigerator decor!  Adding the red stitches around the edge adds just a little color to it.

    Those are quite the risky outfits they have on, and the elaborate turbans gives these girls a rather exotic look, don't you think?  The rifles must have come in handy.

   Refrigerator Art.   Hope you "aim" to have a good day!       : )  Audrey

Monday, April 7, 2014

KSAS #200

        Hello!  Frank Lee, here.  With a special news flash coming from the land of blog!  The "Kaselau Studio" is celebrating it's 200th Blog today!!   And I would like to extend my gratitude for your continued support.  We here at KSAS, that's "Kaselau Studio Art Stuff", would like to extend a huge, big, giant "Thank You"!!!

     Hope you can make it a good day, you have the power!!       : ^ )   Frank Lee

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Vintage Wallhanging

   Hello, from Wisconsin!!   This photo is of a very old photograph album.  The cover and the back measure about 4" x 5 1/2" each.  I took the pages out and glued the covers flat.  It appears to be leather, embossed. The closure is a lovely ornate brass piece, that works quite nicely for the hanger. Using a gold paint to highlight the surface, I then antiqued it with a brown acrylic.  The letters added were a find at a local craft store.

    The original paper on the inside was in need of some sprucing up, so I added the vintage paper .  The brown and the simple stripe compliment the original tiny green print .  I added a little ribbon to the latch, and it hangs up nicely balanced.

   This album probably dates from the late 1800's to the early 1900's.  I love working with pieces that have a history, and giving them a new purpose.

   As this Thursday rolls in, I hope your have a comfortable and memorable weekend!    : )  Audrey

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Repurposed Army Coat into Pine Tree

    A while back I blogged about an old army coat.  I cut it up and put the fabric off to the side.  Considered for some time what to use that lovely old wool coat for, then I decided to make this pine tree.  Soft enough to pin things to, for any season!  I can cover the base with fabric bits, and put a lovely green around its' base if I want.  It stands about 22".

    The lovely "sunny" card hanging on the board next to it was a gift from my daughter.  Wonderful addition to my studio space, where the sun always shines!!   Thanks Mag!    

    I hope the sun is shining in your part of the world!     : )  Audrey

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Wooly Panda Bear

    Good Morning!  Just wanted to bring you up to speed on my needle felting woolly bear collection!  This little Panda Bear was alot of fun to make.  His arms and legs are jointed, so he can easily stand up as well. He is nearly 5" tall, and is the 9th one, I have made so far.

    Make it a good day!    Smile On!      ; )  Audrey