Thursday, April 10, 2014

Oliver the Owl

    Who?  Who?   Oliver, that's who.  This little owl came about through needle felting.  He started life out as a horse, and that didn't work out quite like I had hoped.  Manipulating the wool, Oliver appeared.  As to what kind of an owl he is?  Well, I have difficulty following a pattern, even the lovely patterns on real owls, so he is a breed all his own. 

   Starting with the core color of white, I made the shape of the owl, and then embellished him with all of the various colors to add interest to his form.  Oliver stands about, 9".  His claws are cut pieces from fake nails and painted black, the feet are pipe cleaners wrapped with wool to give them that feathered look.

   This was truly a happy ending to a rather stubborn mule (horse) situation.  I will try a horse again sometime, maybe...but not today! 

   The weekend is rolling in, and I can hear birds singing out in the yard...oh, yaw...Spring is in the air!!

      Thanks for stopping in this week, see you on Monday!!        ; )  Audrey     

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