Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pearl and Jade The Cats

    Wonderful Wednesday to You!!   This is Pearl, a lovely little cat I made a few weeks ago.  The fabric was in my stash..forever...I was undecided as to what to use it for.  Then Pearl arrived.  I embroidered her face on a muslin fabric, and attached a pretty pink ribbon.  She sits quite comfy in the wicker chair, next to her fav pillow, crocheted roses. 

   This is Pearls brother, Jade.   A different material was used here.  Another bit I had ...forever..but, I think it works well for him.  I added a black corded lace for his collar, as he frowned at being decked out with pink!  He wouldn't even let me use a nice coral colored ribbon.  He can be so sensitive, although I think he would say he's "tough"....such a boy!   

   I hope you have time today to take a little "cat nap", it can be such a gift!      : ) Audrey

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