Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Restored Victorian Photo Albums

    I thought I would share some more old "photo album art" with you today.  These two lovely things measure about 5" x 7".  They are completely original.  The detailing is so pretty on this that I only needed to put fresh decorative paper on the backs, and I used a high gloss sealer on them as well.  The white "beads" are glass, and kept the book from resting on it's surface, kind of like little legs.

    This little darling measures about 7" x 10", and has the original brass closures.  The surface of this one was in awful shape, so I repainted it brown, and used gold acrylic on the details to bring it back.  The letters are metal and I added them to the piece. 

       Stay Calm!     Smile On!     Audrey  : )

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