Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Old Photo Album Project

   This is a cover off of  a very old photo album.  It was all that was left to "make" something out of.  It is, or was covered with a blue velvet at one time.  Completely worn and aged beyond pretty.  The cover is embossed, and the fabric stretched over it somehow.  The album probably dates from the mid to late 1800's. 
   I decided to paint over the surface with an acrylic white.  It also seemed to seal in the rather "aged" smell of this dear old thing.

   Later that day, when I returned to the studio, the west light from the window really brought out the surface.  I had put two coats of white on it so far.
   The process did not end there.  I will show you the end results, next week!  ( I forgot to take the photos).

      Hope you have a restful, wonderful weekend!  See you on Monday!     :  )   Audrey

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