Monday, June 30, 2014

Ladysmith Chair and Furniture Co. 1914

     Good Morning!  This is a chair that was my Mom's, the chair has a mate.  I brought them down from storage in the old grainery a few weeks ago.  When I tipped them over to add those nice little cushy bits on the legs so they would slide easier, I found something of a gift.

   On one of the chairs was a part of a label, difficult to read.  But, I could make out the Ladysmith, Wis.  A town that isn't too far from where I live.  Just a few days before this discovery I had been in Ladysmith.  Turning the other chair over I found another label.

   I put the two together, and found a lovely old label dating from 1914.  Exactly, one hundred years ago.

   I love old labels and lettering, so I had to try and draw this as accurately as possible.  I hope to do some research and find out more about this furniture company.  The chairs I have are very sturdy oak, with many layers of paint applied over the years.

  A small tattered label led to a rather interesting project!    Smile On!    Audrey

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Cottage & Barn

    Good Morning!  I want to share with you a photo of  "The Cottage".  This little white building is where I keep most of the stuff I have made, or collected over the years.  I recently added the crocheted pieces on the posts of the porch.  Adding a little color that can easily be taken down and replaced, as I just pinned them on.  The cottage is full!

   The other day my barn was delivered.  It's a 10' x 20' lofted building I purchased locally.  The construction is very well done.  And, all that lovely empty space waiting for "my stuff". 

   The two buildings really suit one another.  I will be landscaping, as soon as the weather clears up and allows the grounds to dry out a little.

   Now, I have two happy places to visit, just across the driveway!

      May you be in your happy place today!!    Smile On!      Audrey   : )

Monday, June 23, 2014

Horses East and West

   Happy Monday!!  Horsing around with my decorative paper stash.  I admit to being addicted to the tablets of colorful patterned stuff. 
   The horses are based on the Oriental statues I saw at an art museum. 

   Then, there are the wild horses of the West.  Run free today, my friends and family. 

                 Smile On!  Audrey : )

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Gorgeous Green June

     Everything turns green.  June is dressed in all these fantastic shades of green.  I play a game while walking through the yard, or riding the lawn mower, or a drive through the country side.  How would I get that shade of green?  What would I need to mix together to achieve that one, or that one?  Some blue, no more yellow, ah...just a touch of white, and Mediterranean blue, and then I could get that shaft of wild grass to look just right on the canvas.

   My mind is saturated with the brilliance of all the greens, blue-green, gray-green, warm-green, 

    That splash of deep dark green in that shadow....abstracted across the lawn.  Natures' painted it so lovely!  Dare I attempt to paint, take brush to canvas, dip into that delicious color?

    Yes!  My limited palette, and the tree fills the canvas,     Wonderful June, the color is never quite as beautiful as it is in the month of June.  

    How many "greens" can you see today?   Thank you for stopping in.  Smile On!   Audrey : )