Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Gorgeous Green June

     Everything turns green.  June is dressed in all these fantastic shades of green.  I play a game while walking through the yard, or riding the lawn mower, or a drive through the country side.  How would I get that shade of green?  What would I need to mix together to achieve that one, or that one?  Some blue, no more yellow, ah...just a touch of white, and Mediterranean blue, and then I could get that shaft of wild grass to look just right on the canvas.

   My mind is saturated with the brilliance of all the greens, blue-green, gray-green, warm-green, 

    That splash of deep dark green in that shadow....abstracted across the lawn.  Natures' painted it so lovely!  Dare I attempt to paint, take brush to canvas, dip into that delicious color?

    Yes!  My limited palette, and the tree fills the canvas,     Wonderful June, the color is never quite as beautiful as it is in the month of June.  

    How many "greens" can you see today?   Thank you for stopping in.  Smile On!   Audrey : )

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