Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Cottage & Barn

    Good Morning!  I want to share with you a photo of  "The Cottage".  This little white building is where I keep most of the stuff I have made, or collected over the years.  I recently added the crocheted pieces on the posts of the porch.  Adding a little color that can easily be taken down and replaced, as I just pinned them on.  The cottage is full!

   The other day my barn was delivered.  It's a 10' x 20' lofted building I purchased locally.  The construction is very well done.  And, all that lovely empty space waiting for "my stuff". 

   The two buildings really suit one another.  I will be landscaping, as soon as the weather clears up and allows the grounds to dry out a little.

   Now, I have two happy places to visit, just across the driveway!

      May you be in your happy place today!!    Smile On!      Audrey   : )

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