Monday, July 28, 2014

Crochet Canned Goods

   I have on display in the little barn some canned items.  On the top is cauliflower, pickles.  Second row is canned corn, carrots and a turnip.  The jars I used are vintage.  I have had them in storage for ages.  Doing a little research on line, I found the jars dated from 1900-1960. 

   The veggies were quite fun to crochet, and putting the jars to use was an opportunity to see them once again in the light of day!  Such pretty glass.

   On this shelf, I have beets, more cauliflower.  And on the second shelf is pickled eggs, more carrots, and another jar of pickles.  The color of the pickles and the jar, remind me of some sweet pickles my sister use to make.....umm...they were delicious. 

   The crocheted veggies is as close to "canning" as I want to get.  The kitchen isn't able to hold my attention for any length of time.  I tend to be inattentive, and "over cook", just about, well....anything!   I can make a successful tray of ice cubes, however!  Really cold ones, too!!

  Smile On, my dear Friends and Family!!        Audrey  : )

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