Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Greetings Nigel

     Nigel!   What are you doing up so early?    We haven't seen you in quite sometime, what is new?

         IT'S A BIRTHDAY DAY !!!

   Really?    Now who's birthday could it be?   I am getting quite forgetful, so it's good to have you around to remind me.


   Of course, my dear Hiedi is celebrating another year!  She is a remarkable woman, a delightful humor, and I think she really likes you, too, Nigel.   Thanks soooo much for reminding me, you are a good monster!

     Happy Birthday Hiedi.  Hope your day is filled with wonderful laughter.  We love you!

        Smile On!!!   And Eat Cake Today!       :  )   Audrey and   (".") Nigel

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