Monday, August 18, 2014

Victorian-Modern On Suite

    Good Morning!  This is a project I had on the "back burner" for quite some time.  I purchased the little sink, tub and toilet, several years ago.  With the intention of creating a little victorian-modern bathroom.  Well, the other day it seemed to be the thing to do.  So, I looked through all my lovely papers, and picked out the colors for the walls, and the floor. 

   I used old vintage earrings for the wall accessories, the cover of a spray worked out well for the little green trash can.  ( I have a small box of plastic "junk" I save just for such odd bits I need).  The toilet paper roll, is a pin clasp, that holds the roll of paper just right. 

   The wall display above the little green table, is a set of earrings, and a cameo.  The jars on the purchased table, are large beads.  The table was red, so it needed to be painted to work in this room.  The towel holders are also pin clasps.  The towels are a paper, with a nice weight to it to hang properly.  A tiny little natural sponge, sits on the edge of the tub, next to the faucets.

   This is a fun project, creating rooms in miniature.  I put this bathroom, next to the French bedroom, I made several years ago.  On suite, as they say.

   Happy Week to You All!       Audrey   : )

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