Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Pretty in Pink, Oh, Suzanna!!

    Here is a little gal, I adopted.  I am calling her Suzanna.  She stands about 7 1/2".  It was the sad faded look she had that stole my heart. 

   I painted in those lovely baby blue eyes, once again.  Adding just a little twinkle, too.  Her cute little dress had all these sweet details, that I brought out with some white paint.  The floral headband needed a little sprucing up as well. 
   Don't you just love the sandals and socks?

    Suzanna wants to thank you for stopping in today.   Think Happy Thoughts!!      <3   Audrey

Monday, September 15, 2014

Tea or Coffee in 1/12th Scale

    Good Morning!  Monday is coming in with roses.  I found these two lovely little chairs at a local shop.  Purchased them for a little bit of cash, and then I wondered what to do with them.  They stand about 4" tall, and are made of glass with gold trim.  

    How about a cuppa tea?   Or a strong brew of coffee?  I was so happy to find this little set of dishes.  The set is 1/12th scale, and perfect for....well, just about any project.

    All the world is a stage.   In this case a small stage.  Perfect for my little chairs, and tea set.  The papers look so much like wallpaper and carpet.  Don't you think?

     Thanks for stopping in today.      Smile On  : )        Audrey

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Orphan Boy

   Greetings, dear family and friends!!   I adopted this little guy.  Finding him at an antique shop for only a dollar.  He is only 3 1/2", and really needed some TLC.

  I think he dates from around the 1920's or 1930's.  I am not real sure about the date.  He appears to be made out of plaster, it's a very hard surface, and not cleaned up very well, as his seams are rather rough.
The facial features are a little off as well, one eye bigger then the other, and his lip color slipped, too.

   I repainted the little guy.  Gave him blue eyes, red hair, and a diaper.  Washed his bunting as well.  He insisted, it has been with him sooo long.  Security Blanket.    We all need one of those from time to time.

   The little guy was feeling quite modern, and insisted on a tattoo.  I started calling him Larry, after one of my brothers.  We agreed that his name would make a good tat!   

   Little Larry, is resting comfortably in the cottage with the rest of my little friends!

        Think Good Thoughts!      Audrey  : )

Monday, September 1, 2014

Captain Henry John McGlenn and Lady Irene

   Ah-Hoy!   Captain Henry John McGlenn, and his lovely Lady Irene are enjoying the twilight of summers end.  They are revisiting the place where he first proposed to her. 

   This pair is 1/12th scale.  The Captain is a wool felted figure I made.  His clothing is felt fabric, with lace and embroidery.  His shoes and hat are embellished with tiny gold beads.  He stands at 6".

   Lady Irene, is a wool felted figure also, with the bisque head.  I found her little melon at an antique store, completely without paint or any kind of features.  Her wig is a wool, auburn-brown color.  She stands at about 5", in her shoes.

   May the new month of September bring fresh air, and sunshine!!     And, may all the little melons out there gain in knowledge as they head back to school.

      Smile On!    : )       Audrey