Monday, September 1, 2014

Captain Henry John McGlenn and Lady Irene

   Ah-Hoy!   Captain Henry John McGlenn, and his lovely Lady Irene are enjoying the twilight of summers end.  They are revisiting the place where he first proposed to her. 

   This pair is 1/12th scale.  The Captain is a wool felted figure I made.  His clothing is felt fabric, with lace and embroidery.  His shoes and hat are embellished with tiny gold beads.  He stands at 6".

   Lady Irene, is a wool felted figure also, with the bisque head.  I found her little melon at an antique store, completely without paint or any kind of features.  Her wig is a wool, auburn-brown color.  She stands at about 5", in her shoes.

   May the new month of September bring fresh air, and sunshine!!     And, may all the little melons out there gain in knowledge as they head back to school.

      Smile On!    : )       Audrey

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