Monday, September 15, 2014

Tea or Coffee in 1/12th Scale

    Good Morning!  Monday is coming in with roses.  I found these two lovely little chairs at a local shop.  Purchased them for a little bit of cash, and then I wondered what to do with them.  They stand about 4" tall, and are made of glass with gold trim.  

    How about a cuppa tea?   Or a strong brew of coffee?  I was so happy to find this little set of dishes.  The set is 1/12th scale, and perfect for....well, just about any project.

    All the world is a stage.   In this case a small stage.  Perfect for my little chairs, and tea set.  The papers look so much like wallpaper and carpet.  Don't you think?

     Thanks for stopping in today.      Smile On  : )        Audrey

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