Monday, October 27, 2014

Cottage of the Three Bears

          This little family of bears is looking for just the right place to spend a cozy winter.  They have finally found just the house to snuggle into.  Let's take a tour.

    This little cottage was built with foam board, glue, and lovely papers found at the local craft store. 

   They have all settled into this 2 bedroom home.  It measures 20" long, 17" high, and 9 1/2" deep.  The family declares it to be "just right".   Papa especially loves the wide screen TV.

     The kitchen is perfect, Mama has placed a wild berry pie on the table , next to baby's bottle.  The table and chairs are covered with a nice birch tree afftect, as well as the bench, and cupboard.  Baby's bath basen is a container from a local fast food place.  The door opens and closes.


    Here is Papa in his favorite chair, watching a wild life program.  He really likes to see the salmon run, it all looks so real on the HD!!   The stone sculpture on the fireplace is one that he made.  And the wooden piece on the wall is one of Mama's works.  The wall paper has a lovely "bee" motif.

     Baby loves his big boy bed.  The comic book on the bed is Tarzan, his favorite!  

     This is the master bedroom.  The sculpture on the right is another of Papa's sculptures.  The stones are from the Great Lake of Superior.   The bed and table are decorated with apple pips.  The lamp and wall decorations are bee inspired.

    Apple pips are the seeds.  I had made a necklace of the seeds way back in the 1960's.  I would eat an apple, take the seeds out while they were still soft, string them.  I had saved it all this time from my "hippy days", and decided it was time to put it to use.  The bears love it!!

   That's the end of the tour!   Let's leave quietly.  Baby Bear is sleeping upstairs, while Papa and Mama watch another wild life program.   May their cozy cottage keep them safe through the winter.

        Happy Thoughts My Family and Friends!!!        Audrey <3

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