Monday, October 20, 2014

October Crocheted Characters

   Good Morning!   These two look as if they would rather still be in bed.  She looks rather pale, and he looks a little green in the face.  

             Stella and Frank want to wish you a happy week.    Meanwhile, they are planning a quick stop to pick up the holiday treats for the neighborhood kiddies.  Sour gumballs, anyone?

    These two are crocheted, and stand about 14" tall.  I currently have them on display in the back porch.

                    Since then I have made a few more characters.  Here's one of them.

    Hhhheeeerrrrreee's Smiley!    He loves just hanging around in the dining room, watching the birds fly by the windows.  He is also a crochet character, and is about 14" tall.

                    Smiley wants to wish you a great day, and to remember to...Smile On!

                                Thanks for stopping in today!      Audrey

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