Monday, November 3, 2014

Ariel View in Crochet

        High in the sky, on a clear morning a WW2 plane flies over the English landscape.  The fields create a quilt like pattern, as the trees line the edge of a clear blue lake.  A river runs along the bottom edge.

       This is a crocheted piece I made.  It measures about 31" x 22" at the widest points.  The airplane is a four engine type that I embroidered on to the surface.

      Here is a close up of the plane.  This type of crochet is a narrative free-form.  If you have ever had the opportunity to fly you may have witnessed a really beautiful sight as you looked out the window.

      This world is so exquisite.  This mornings sunrise for, such a lovely varied shade of pinks and lavenders!

      Hope your week is splendid!        Smile On!    Audrey

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