Monday, November 24, 2014

Sandy Duner, Egbert and Gratitude!

     This is Sandy Duner, he is a shape-shifting critter from the White Sands of New Mexico.  He held his pose briefly and then disappeared again, into a drift of sand. 

     Free form crochet is such fun.  Sandy is a one of a kind, and even if I wanted to make another one, I wouldn't be able to.  He measures about 11" tall, and is soft and cuddly.

    This little free form crocheted character is an Eggasauers.  I affectionately call him Egbert.  He is a good father in that he carries his youngsters around on his back, never complains, and waits with joyfull anticipation at the little ones hatching.  Egbert is about 7" long and stands about 5" tall. 

    This is my 250th blog post.  I am hoping to continue to share my Art Adventures.  I can't believe I had this much to share, really.  I enjoy "making" toys and painting pictures, and writing little nonsense stories. 

    I am grateful that you have looked in from time to time, and I hope that I have brought a little "joy" into your day.  

     Happy Thanksgiving!   I am truly grateful!!      Audrey   <3

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