Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Community Room in the Glen House (part 6)

     Good Morning!  In this photo you can see the Community Room in the upper floor on the left.  Painting the rooms white helps to lighten the areas.  However, I did put in a darker wood floor.  Let's look at some close ups of the interior, ok?

   The room is all set up for the Art Guild meeting at 2 pm.  The chairs are Glen's repainted.  The table was a find at a local craft store.  The plants are ones that I made.  The lovely painting was done by a miniature artist from Stillwater. 

   No meeting is complete, unless there are treats!  Hopefully the member in charge of paper plates and coffee shows up for the meeting.  This round table is also one of Glens, that I repaired and painted.

   Oh...yummy!    The two treats on the white plates were a part of a Christmas ornament.  The pie is one that I made with paperclay, paint and a pop top from a bottle.

   It's difficult to tell from this photo, but if you look in the far corner, you can see a sign that says "Watch Your Step".  There is a fake exit to the room below. 

   The Community Room is available for local meetings, residents of the village may call the landlord and verify a calendar date.     

   Hope you enjoyed this tour.  Next blog will be about the last room inside the building.  The floral shop.    Until then....smile on!     Audrey

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