Sunday, December 14, 2014

Glen House Bedroom (part 5)

    The apartment is on the lower floor, and the bedroom is right above that on the second floor.  The upper area was opened up by removing the center small room.  Leaving an open floor, I put in a wall of foam board to create the bedroom.  It measures about 12" wide 14" deep and the ceiling is 10" high.

   Again I painted the room white.  Adding a paper floor, looking distressed, I decided to use the same paper to bring out the features of the trim, too.

   In this photo you can see the wall paper I decided on.  The wall is made from the foam board, so it was an easy install for me.  The wall paper is a rather bold print.  I was going for a Bohemian look. 

   The bed and nightstand are Glens.  I painted and dressed out the bed.  The sculpture above the bed is a "love" sign made of old discarded and beaten up old letters.  I glued them together and gave them a metal look with some acrylic paint.  The dressers and the red chair are items I made.  The guitar was a Christmas ornament.



    Well, that's it!   The bedroom is ready, along with the small apartment and the bathroom.  In the next blog I would like to share with you the community room on the upper floor. 

    Until then, I hope you have a really nice day!   Smile On!   Audrey

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