Sunday, December 7, 2014

Part Two of the Glen House Renovation

   While cleaning and renovating the dolls house I found this name in the attic.  Unfortunately, there was no date included.  Once I found this, I decided to call it the "Glen House". 

   I cleared away the stair steps in the bathroom, saving them to be placed in another room.  I also covered the window, and decided that there would be a fake door on the outside of the building, but not in the bathroom.  That way it seems as though the house has an entrance on the front of the building. 

   I took the bathroom fixtures that Glen built and renovated them.

                                                                  Before and After.

    The sink has a faux marble top, and mat board was added to create the doors.  Tiny beads were used for the knobs.  The sink is a plastic cover, and adding a little paper clay softened the inside into more of a bowl shape.  The faucet is a metal hook, and the handles are also tiny beads. 
    The toilet was softened with paper clay to make the seat a little more inviting.  I added a piece of bass wood for the tank, and added the paper clay to fill it in, and create a more standard type of tank.
    The tub needed to be the same marble-like look. Painting it with acrylics, and a nice gloss finish.  The hook again made for a nice faucet, and the handles are the backs of earrings. 
    I have a tiny bit of a real sponge added to the edge of the tub, and the sink has a lovely soap bottle, also made from beads.

    Here is the bathroom freshly painted, and new flooring placed.  The back window no longer exists, and in its place an art-deco design (earrings) on display.  A mirror is above the bath tub.  On the right is a fake door, going into the next room.  A modest dividing half wall, with toilet paper and plant is made from foam board, and a super cool paper with oak-like affect.  It looks so real, love that stuff, paper from a scrap book store!   The Renaissance portrait above the toilet, enhances the colors used throughout the room. 
    The rug with the kittens playing was a purchase, and the plant that one of the kittens is so intent on attacking is one that I put together.  Mini plants are a lot of fun to make.  The one on the half wall is also one that I put together.

    This was so much fun, and the rest of the "Glen House" waits to be renovated....yippee!

       Smile On!!      Audrey


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