Saturday, December 20, 2014

Process of Building a Floral Shop (part 7)

   Happy Saturday!  Today I would like to share with you the process of setting up the floral/gardening shop in the Glen House. 

   In this photo you can see the room has been freshly painted and oak (paper) floor installed.  The ceiling has a (paper) metal antique look.  The steps were painted black, and a pretty paper carpet covers them.  The window has a matching valance.

   The furniture, Glen built, and I decided to paint it, adding some floral details.  The plants were made with tiny bits from plastic flowers, and the cute little pots were purchased at a local craft store, and painted.  I added "the look" of worn, well used pots with acrylic paint.

   Here is the furniture ready to be moved into the shop, along with all the plants.  Hmmmm...where will I find a cash register?

   While flossing the other day, I noticed the box is about the right size for a cash register.  A few bb's for some weight, and cardboard....hmmmm...this might just work.

   Just what the shop needs!!  A place to put the cash.   This was a challenge, pure fun!  The "keys" are little beads, and some lace was added to the surface to make it look like a fancy old thing.

  Next time, views of the floral shop completed!!  Did you know you can click on the photos and they will get larger?  I am still learning the wonders of to learn new things at my age...ha-ha!

  Hope you have a restful relaxing weekend!    Smile On!    Audrey

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