Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Floral Shop (part 8)

    Welcome back!  Let's take a tour of the floral shop.  On the lower level is the entrance.  Upper floor is a nice area for taking in the view.  The shop has a nice bricked in area, and a few plants on display.  Let's go inside.

  There is "Little Miss", always ready to greet customers.  No need to worry, she is very well mannered.

   The room is all set up and ready for business.  There is a nice assortment of greenery.  The little red wagon was a second hand shop find, it's previous life was as a Christmas ornament.  The little watering can was a craft store find, and I distressed with some acrylic paint, and added a little clear nail polish to the inside to make it look like water. 

   In this photo, I want to show you that lovely chair in the back corner.  It has some packages on it, that have just arrived.  The chair is a find at a local antique shop.  It was aluminum, and served it's previous life as a can for vegetables or something.  Someone, took that can, cut it into tiny strands of material and then curled, bent and twirled it into a chair.  It's all one piece.  When I found it, it was in its original state.  Adding some black spray paint, and a soft cushion, I have a lovely folk art chair!

   Here is a view from the window in the back of the shop.  The steps have a lovely carpet on them, and a few plants perched on them as well.  The curled plant stand was a former Christmas ornament. 

  That's about it, my little fur friend would like you to know her full name is Little Miss Karen.  She's named after someone very dear to me. 

  One last photo of the greenery, and I would like to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

                                                  Smile On!!      Audrey

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