Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Glen House Apartment (part 4)

    The best part of this "Glen House", is the bare bones I have to work with.  No scrapping old wall papers, and lifting old flooring.  This is a photo of it as it was.  Then I started working on the little apartment.

    The room was painted white, and the floor painted a lovely shade of yellow ochre.  The windows have a black valance.  The two doors are fake, one leads into the bathroom, and the one next to the window kind of lines up with the one I will put on the front of the building. 

    The apartment has a replica of a rug made by a German artist, Gunta Stolzi (1897-1983).  It was in an art magazine, I cut out, and cut up into sizes that would work better in the room.  The furniture is Glens', and I repainted and added some black lines with tiny felt pillows.  The coffee table has high heels painted on the legs.  I would like to show you a before picture of the living room furniture.


     I used white acrylic paint, and a black marker on these pieces.  The littlest table is called a Tu-Tu table. The coffee table is a high heeled classic table. 

    The furniture can be moved around, and reconfigured at the home owners delight.  This photo shows a hood over the stove, that I have since removed, tiny malfunction.  It blocked the window off. 

   The residents will be eating their meals in front of the TV, as there is no room for a dining set.  The large bedroom upstairs makes up for that little inconvenience.   Next time, a view from the bedroom!

   Thanks for stopping in today!    :^)    Audrey

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