Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Glen House (part three)

   This photo of The Glen House doesn't show the bathroom done on the first floor.  I want to show you the building again, and explain what room I will be doing next.

    The room in the right lower corner is the room that I started on after the bathroom was finished in the center, where you see the steps.  I decided not to make a traditional house out of this building.  Instead I envisioned it with a small one bedroom apartment in the "back" of the building.  The apartment on the lower floor and the bedroom above that.
  The upper floor would also have room for a community room.  Where the locals could hold various events, and club meetings.
   The room on the lower floor, left of the bathroom, will be a floral shop. 

    Now, I would like to show you the kitchen appliances that came with the building.

    The set is made out of wood, and painted white, with pencil used to draw on the doors, and the burners.
I decided to update them, for the little apartment.

    The pieces were painted with silver acrylic, and black was used on the stove door and the top.  A few beads for knobs, pens provided the door handles for the frig.  All the doors and sink counter are made from that soft foam you can buy in sheets.  I found the burners in Walmart in the office supplies.  They were intended to be paper clips. 

   In the next blog I will show you pictures of the apartment, and how the appliances look in the space.

        Thanks for stopping in today!     Smile On!      Audrey

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