Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Second Hand Dolls House Project

    Look at what I found at a second-hand shop!!    A dolls house, incomplete.  Needing some TLC, this house measures about 34" high, 35" long, and with the porch, it adds andother 10".  The rooms are about 15" deep.

    I started renovation, shortly after I purchased it.  I removed the roof trim, and the single dormer.  Took away the trim around the porch-deck, too.

   This is the other side.  The roof opens up and there is an attic space.  When I opened it at the store, it was full of stuff.  I even found the people who occupied this house.  Yippee!!!


   There was quite a lot of plastic furniture.  Mostly Fisher Price from the 1970's, I think.  Then there also was some home-made wooden furniture.  A total of about 30 pieces, including a pair of candle holders with candles made from toothpicks. 


   This lovely couple needed a make-over.  The man is missing his feet, and one hand.  Tough times for him in his past, maybe he is a war veteran?  His lovely wife, wears a rather dated dress, and begged me to up date her look.  Her heels and hands were still intact.
   I did some research, and found out that these dolls are originally from Germany.  Caco Miniatures, was the name of the company. 

   I gave them a completely new look, and even changed the mans hair color.  Both of them redheads, just seemed a little weird to me. 

    Such a handsome couple!  He has "feet", and she has a classic black outfit.  I think he looks quite handsome with the new dye job, I nearly gave him a mustache, but held back.  I didn't want to cover up that expressive face.

    I started remodeling the house, and this sweet couple wait patiently on their little sofa, in the studio.
    I will be posting my progress.  Thanks for stopping in today!     Smile On!   Audrey

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