Friday, January 30, 2015

The Tyrian Purple Furniture

    Good Morning!  A few blogs ago, I mentioned filling the little Brownstone Emporium with furniture.  I would like to share some photos with you today.

   The little red headed girl is a local artists work from the Hudson area.  Love her whimsical art!  The giant girl is visiting the Brownstone, she approves the set up.  I put a new set up on the top floor.

   This three piece set is made of wood, painted and added lace pieces.  I found an article about Tyrian Purple.  A color the Romans were suppose to be crazy for.  I thought I would give it ago.  Turned out rather regal, I think.

   I hope your Friday is especially wonderful today.   Smile On!      Audrey

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

1/12th Furniture Design

    As the month of January carries on, it provides "inside" time to be creative.  This little sofa and chair were made from wood.  Painted with acrylic paints and decoupaged paper doilies were added.  I made the fireplace a long time ago, with foam board and pretty marbleized paper.  I made these pieces in 1/12th scale.

    This set is also 1/12th scale.  I just changed the shape of the backs of the chair and sofa.  The brown chair is a little wider, and the added weave is plastic doily.  The coffee table, was a fun and simple piece to make.
The rug is a cut out from a magazine.  The little potted floral piece was made on a "gardening day."  I made several plants, all at once to use in the Glen House.

   This little rocking chair and matching table, also have plastic doily added to the surface.  Again, both are the 1/12th scale.

    Making mini furniture is so much fun, and cheaper then the big stuff.  I do love to meander through a furniture store, and get ideas for the minis.  I've started a file on photos I pull from magazines, too.  Inspiration, can come from so many places.  I just have to keep my eyes open!  

    Thanks for stopping in today!  There is much joy in the little things out there.     Smile On!  Audrey

Friday, January 23, 2015

The Musical Ironing Board

     The music man in my life has been busy building another instrument.  This time he used an old ironing board he picked up for a song, at an antique shop.

   The sound board is used sheet metal, re-purposed from duct work.  He cut the center out of the board, and built the sound box to fit.  The fret board is oak, and he used eye bolts for tuners.

   Ed tuned it as a three string dulcimer, D A D.  He also added an electric pick up.  This old ironing board can really sound sweet!  With or without the pick up.

        Ed asked if I would add a little design to the surface.  I used my trusty wood burning tool, and added a leaf design, and a rooster at the very top of the board.

        The surface was coated and polished with tongue oil.  It really brings out the warm tone of the wood color.

          Hope your heart holds a merry tune today!      Smile On.    Audrey

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wonky Chairs 1/12th Scale

   Good Morning to you!  Here is a pair of "wonky" chairs I made.  The rocking chair has a tree-top motif.  As the old song goes, "rock a-bye baby, in the tree tops."  In this rocking chair you can rock safely, and not have that old bough break!

   The other chair was a spontaneous design.  I wanted to see what a chair could look like if it was not the same on both sides.  From a stash of rick rack I had inherited from my sister, I decided to add that to the surface of blue acrylic.   I also painted the edges a bright green, and added some little pink flowers.

   Each chair is about 1/12th scale, measuring at 3 1/2" tall.   Here is a photo of how they look from the back.

   That's art paper on the rocking chair, a perfect size for the woven look, don't you think?

           Hope your day rocks!       Smile On.   Audrey

Sunday, January 18, 2015

1/12th Miniature Thrones

   I have been building some furniture this past couple of weeks.  Used a pattern from the Glen House furniture, and added my own twist to it.  I even learned how to use a new saw in the process.

  This was so much fun.  I used gold acrylic paint to jazz up the edges.  The designs are pieces cut from a table mat made of plastic.  I call this set the "Royal Thrones".  They are about 4" tall and 2 1/2" wide.  

      I have a few more sets  I hope to share with you soon.  Thanks for stopping in today!

                               Smile On!       Audrey

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Little Brownstone Emporium

     I purchased this cupboard several years ago.  It measures about 32" tall, 12" wide and 12"deep.  It had three shelves and a door.  It was a pretend refrigerator in the grandchildrens' playhouse.

    After finishing the Glen House, I wanted to try another building.  The cupboard/refrigerator seemed to be just right.

    I made it into a store.  Ed helped me figure out a name for it.  Because it looks like an older building, we call it the Brownstone Emporium.  I covered the building with a brick paper.

    On this side I added a little graffiti on the lower part of the building.  Cutting images from an old art magazine and "tweaking" it, I glued it on.  I would like to show you a close-up of the art.

      Can you make out the accordion player on the right side?  If not that's OK, we are not suppose to be able to "see" it in the graffiti world.  There is a "No Parking Any Time" sign on this side of the building, too.

    This is the other side.  Abstract art of a Jazz band, and a vintage moon decorate this side.  I covered the outside with Mod-Podge, and it sealed and gave the building a nice consistent surface.

    This is what the inside looks like.  Three floors with different wall coverings.  The fireplace on the second floor is one that I made out of foam board several years ago.  It fits nicely into this room.  The top floor has an ornate image of a mirror I found in another old art magazine.

         The Brownstone Emporium is ready for the miniature furniture I have been working on.

                      Thanks for stopping in today!    Smile On!    Audrey
                                              I wonder if the grandkids will notice the frig is gone?


Monday, January 5, 2015

The Tin Can Chair

   Good Morning!   Brrr, baby it's cold out there.    My plan, head to the studio, and stay there all day!

      A few blogs ago, I shared a picture of a chair made from a tin can.  It's on display in the Glen House.  The photo I shared wasn't very good, so I checked my files and found a better one, or two.

   I found it at a local antique shop, and paid less then $5.00 for it.  It measures about 3 1/2" high, and 2 3/4" wide.  It was an old can because it still had the paint on it from it's label.

   Here it is all painted and a soft cushion added.  It looks really nice in the Glen House, and weary customers have a nice place to rest in the floral shop!

          Smile On!   Light the fire, and keep warm!      : )   Audrey

Friday, January 2, 2015

Make Over for Maxine

Good Morning!  Happy January, 2015.  Are you ready for another trip around the sun?

Let's start this day off with a make-over.

   This little 5 1/2" darling was discovered in a very quaint second hand shop.  She was only $4.oo!! 
She is made of a composite of some sort, and was in rather rough shape.  I attempted to freshen her with a little clean up, and the paint became rather soft.  I went cautiously ahead with a great deal of TLC!

   She seemed grateful for the attention.  Her little red dress was handmade, and quite faded.  Let's take a look at her make-over.

   She had some very old string holding her together at the shoulders and hips, that I needed to replace.
I painted her with acrylic paint, and redid the face.  When I removed her hair, I could see that the hair was molded on, so the wig was not necessary.

   Eventually, Maxine will get a proper dress, and the little red dress will be kept for gardening, or some other activity that calls for a less then perfect dress.  She seriously has her eye on the bungalow I purchased, and has made some very good suggestions as to how she would like it set up.

   She is a little treasure!    I named her after one of my auntie's.    Thanks for stopping in today.

          Smile On!   That way, no one knows what you are up to.        ; )  Audrey