Friday, January 2, 2015

Make Over for Maxine

Good Morning!  Happy January, 2015.  Are you ready for another trip around the sun?

Let's start this day off with a make-over.

   This little 5 1/2" darling was discovered in a very quaint second hand shop.  She was only $4.oo!! 
She is made of a composite of some sort, and was in rather rough shape.  I attempted to freshen her with a little clean up, and the paint became rather soft.  I went cautiously ahead with a great deal of TLC!

   She seemed grateful for the attention.  Her little red dress was handmade, and quite faded.  Let's take a look at her make-over.

   She had some very old string holding her together at the shoulders and hips, that I needed to replace.
I painted her with acrylic paint, and redid the face.  When I removed her hair, I could see that the hair was molded on, so the wig was not necessary.

   Eventually, Maxine will get a proper dress, and the little red dress will be kept for gardening, or some other activity that calls for a less then perfect dress.  She seriously has her eye on the bungalow I purchased, and has made some very good suggestions as to how she would like it set up.

   She is a little treasure!    I named her after one of my auntie's.    Thanks for stopping in today.

          Smile On!   That way, no one knows what you are up to.        ; )  Audrey

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