Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Little Brownstone Emporium

     I purchased this cupboard several years ago.  It measures about 32" tall, 12" wide and 12"deep.  It had three shelves and a door.  It was a pretend refrigerator in the grandchildrens' playhouse.

    After finishing the Glen House, I wanted to try another building.  The cupboard/refrigerator seemed to be just right.

    I made it into a store.  Ed helped me figure out a name for it.  Because it looks like an older building, we call it the Brownstone Emporium.  I covered the building with a brick paper.

    On this side I added a little graffiti on the lower part of the building.  Cutting images from an old art magazine and "tweaking" it, I glued it on.  I would like to show you a close-up of the art.

      Can you make out the accordion player on the right side?  If not that's OK, we are not suppose to be able to "see" it in the graffiti world.  There is a "No Parking Any Time" sign on this side of the building, too.

    This is the other side.  Abstract art of a Jazz band, and a vintage moon decorate this side.  I covered the outside with Mod-Podge, and it sealed and gave the building a nice consistent surface.

    This is what the inside looks like.  Three floors with different wall coverings.  The fireplace on the second floor is one that I made out of foam board several years ago.  It fits nicely into this room.  The top floor has an ornate image of a mirror I found in another old art magazine.

         The Brownstone Emporium is ready for the miniature furniture I have been working on.

                      Thanks for stopping in today!    Smile On!    Audrey
                                              I wonder if the grandkids will notice the frig is gone?


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