Friday, January 23, 2015

The Musical Ironing Board

     The music man in my life has been busy building another instrument.  This time he used an old ironing board he picked up for a song, at an antique shop.

   The sound board is used sheet metal, re-purposed from duct work.  He cut the center out of the board, and built the sound box to fit.  The fret board is oak, and he used eye bolts for tuners.

   Ed tuned it as a three string dulcimer, D A D.  He also added an electric pick up.  This old ironing board can really sound sweet!  With or without the pick up.

        Ed asked if I would add a little design to the surface.  I used my trusty wood burning tool, and added a leaf design, and a rooster at the very top of the board.

        The surface was coated and polished with tongue oil.  It really brings out the warm tone of the wood color.

          Hope your heart holds a merry tune today!      Smile On.    Audrey

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