Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wonky Chairs 1/12th Scale

   Good Morning to you!  Here is a pair of "wonky" chairs I made.  The rocking chair has a tree-top motif.  As the old song goes, "rock a-bye baby, in the tree tops."  In this rocking chair you can rock safely, and not have that old bough break!

   The other chair was a spontaneous design.  I wanted to see what a chair could look like if it was not the same on both sides.  From a stash of rick rack I had inherited from my sister, I decided to add that to the surface of blue acrylic.   I also painted the edges a bright green, and added some little pink flowers.

   Each chair is about 1/12th scale, measuring at 3 1/2" tall.   Here is a photo of how they look from the back.

   That's art paper on the rocking chair, a perfect size for the woven look, don't you think?

           Hope your day rocks!       Smile On.   Audrey

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