Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sculptural Miniature Table in 1/12th Scale

     Greetings from the north part of Wisconsin! is cold -18' out there.  I decided to share a few photos of the little artzee table I put together.  It is made of wood, stained with acrylic paint, and mod-podged with a gloss.

     This is the top.  The table is 1/12th scale.  Measuring about 3" across and 2 1/2" tall.  I collaged little pieces of wood on the top, creating a sculptured look.

   It needs a unique little house or apartment to reside in.  Or a gallery.  Right now, it sits in the Brownstone Emporium.

   I have two more tables on the workbench in the studio.  Both will be 1/12th scale.  And, I am still deciding the color scheme of one of them.  Do I see a 1960's vibe?   Maybe.  

      Smile On!       Audrey

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