Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Queen Anne House

    Good Morning!  Here is the second house I purchased.  This one is the kit that someone attempted to put together.  It is called a Queen Anne.  I call it "Annie" for short.  The overall appearance looks good.  
   Looking closely when I parked it in the studio, I realized it was in need of some TLC.  The hot glue gun was used excessively, and the floors had large holes dug into them for the electricity, that didn't happen. Everything seems to be a little wonky.  Even the tower roof was duck taped together.

   Here is the inside of the house.  Great stairwell, but again it was gobbed with glue, and poorly painted.

   This is a picture I took inside the house, looking down the staircase.  I needed to call in an expert with carpentry.  My husband quickly took a look, and started to help me reconfigure the floor plan.  Which basically meant, removing the staircase, and putting in new floors, and a new roof.

   This is going to take awhile...the process is what is so much fun.   I will post my progress from time to time on both of the houses.  Now, where should I start?  

                          Smile On!           : )    Audrey

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