Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Bermuda Bungalow (Part 6)

    This is the last look at the Bermuda Bungalow.  We will finish off the tour with a look at the main bedroom, and the outside living area.

   The main bedroom has an orange tree growing in the far left corner.  The nightstands and the dresser and table were all purchased, and painted.  The bed has a tropical headboard, that I made and painted.  I also did some wood burning on it as well.
   The "wonky" chair I made a while ago, has a home in this room.

   Here is a better photo of the bed, and nightstand.  I crocheted the bedding, and made the little book on the stand out of wood, with tissue paper for the cover, and a little acrylic paint to give it an aged look.

   It was a lot of fun designing the bed, and making it out of a thin plywood.  Here is another close-up.

   Let's head out to the outer deck area, and have a cool glass of something wonderful, OK?  

    There is a lovely view of the ocean from here, and a collection of seashells to admire.

      That's the tour!  Thanks for stopping in today!!   I hope you enjoyed the Bermuda Bungalow.

                Until we meet again!!      Smile On!    Audrey  ; )

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Bermuda Bungalow (Part 5)

    Welcome Back!  Let's go upstairs, and take a look at the guest room of the Bermuda Bungalow.

   This little room is painted in pink, just like the living room.  The bed was a Glenn House find.  So, I painted it white, and added the crocheted bedspread.  The little night stand next to it was a purchase, and I painted that as well.

   The sewing machine, chair, ironing board with the iron, were all purchased.  As well as the little sewing basket next to the sewing machine.  It is really fun to shop for these little rooms, and at a little cost, it's really a reasonable price to pay for such cuties!

   Here is a close up of the bed set.  The little palm trees were a must in this house.  The plant was a bead with a little sprig of plastic floral stuff.

  The photos of the beach scenes were found in a photo book that my son gave to me a while back.

   That's it for today.  Hope you enjoyed the tour of the guest bedroom. Consider yourself a guest today, and take an afternoon nap in this delightful room, ok?

    Until next time!    Smile On!      Audrey

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bermuda Bungalow (Part 4)

                                      The Bermuda Bungalow is open for a tour today!

     Let's go through the lower door, first.  Next time, we will take a  look at the upper deck area, where lot's of sun can be enjoyed!

   Here is the living room.  I painted it a soft shade of pink to match the lovely sand beaches of Bermuda.  The furniture is some pieces I made and painted.  The television is a large old console style.  I received the TV, with the Glen House, painted it, and added a tropical picture of an impressionist painting for the screen.

   Over in the far corner is a corner shelf with a seashell displayed.  The curtains, again are crocheted.  I did all the curtains through out the house.

   I decided on a large mural for behind the sofa.  It shows some exotic tropical birds.  Along with, a beach scene for a painting, next to it.  The plants are some that I made, and the house rabbits enjoy a little nibble, now and again.  This room measures 8 1/4" wide, 15 1/2" deep, 8" high.

   The room next to the living room is the bathroom.   Let's take a look at that, as well.

     The bathroom fixtures were a wooden kit that I put together.  Even the cabinets, and the sink, with the mirror, came in the kit.  It was fun to put them together, as well as paint them.  Right down to the paper roll, and the "truth-telling-all", scale.  I added the plant for the rabbits, some fish stickers for wall decorations, and a few tiny glass bottles for bath soap.

   Here is another view of the bathroom.  There is another seashell on top of the toilet tank. The little rugs are paper and mod-podged on to the floor. This room measures 71/4" wide, 15 1/2" deep, and 8" high.

   Next time we will go to the second floor.  We can sip a cold glass of "nectar", on the upper deck, and take a look at the last two remaining rooms.
       Thanks for stopping in today!!       Smile On!   Audrey

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Bermuda Bungalow ( Part Three)

    Welcome Back!   Let's go in through the front door.  The little screen door is made of foam board and bridals veil.  I used a small brad for the door knob.  At this time the door doesn't swing open, no hinges just yet.    We will tour the kitchen first.

      The kitchen is the room on the lower right side of the building.  It measures about 8" high, 15 1/4" deep and 13 1/2" wide.  It is painted a bright yellow, with a crocheted red curtain that I made.  Let's look at the room a little closer.

   I purchased the sink, and the old time vacuum was an antique shopping find.  The ice box is a kit that I purchased and put together.  It opens up and the chunk of ice sits in the top part.  That's why the big black tongs are sitting on the sink for transport of the ice when it is delivered.  I made the rug with embroidery thread on a mesh canvas.
   The large container next to the vacuum is a place to keep the rabbit food.  The rabbits are all house trained.  And, today you can see the little babies eating a nice green salad.

   The table and chairs are also a kit that I purchased and put together.  The kits are rather inexpensive, and are fun to put together, with the right glue!  I found that out the hard way.  The detail on the chairs and the realistic wood grain on the table and chairs is great.

   The cooking stove is another antique find, and the butter churn was a part of the ice box kit.  The copper kettles and the can goods, rolling pin, and white glass pitcher were all purchased.
   I crocheted the little red potholders, and the potato sack in the far corner was a good buy.   On the floor next to the cupboard is a tool box with a handy assortment of mini tools.
   The floor, chimney and green tile are all made of scrapbook papers.

   Let's have that coffee and cake, now, OK?   Thanks for stopping in today.  The tour of the Bermuda Bungalow will continue next time.
                                                        Smile On!    Audrey


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Bermuda Bungalow (Part Two)

   Welcome back to the Bermuda Bungalow.  Looks like the coffee and cake is on the table.  Before we go in, I would like to show you some "before" pictures, of the inside.

   This is the condition I found this in.  The only room without wallpaper, was the lower left side room..  The rest of the rooms had a collection of difficult papers to remove.  Some appeared to be old plastic tablecloth, with a heavy fiber.  I rolled up my sleeves and started to remove the "stuff".

                                                        It took a lot of scrapping!!!

                                                             More scrapping!!!

    My husband removed the roof, and the upper walls.  That made it a little easier to remove the wallpaper.  The water bottle helped to loosen up the paper, somewhat.  At this point, I was grateful there were five rooms and no more!

   In this photo, the only room left was the most difficult, in the lower right.   By this time I had a pretty good idea as to what room would be what.  And, I called in the maintenance man to reconfigure the upstairs into two rooms instead of three small ones.  He also put the new roof on.

     There are just somethings better left in the hands of a professional.  And, he is always willing to lend a hand.
                                                      I am one grateful woman!

    As the sunsets on the Bermuda sands of my imagination, I will continue the tour next time!
              Thanks for stopping in today.       Smile On!    Audrey

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Renovation of the Bermuda Bungalow.

   On February 1st, I shared some photos of a dollhouse I purchased.  I called it the Bermuda Bungalow.  Since I bought it in December, I have been renovating the sweet little darling.  

   Here it is before I started.  I did some research on the buildings in Bermuda, and found that they have white roofs, and they collect rain water to supplement their fresh water supply.

    I decided on this bright blue and kept the white trim.  I removed the shingles and chimney.  After some thought we decided to remove the old roof, and put on a partial roof.  The porch has a plastic needle canvas roof, so light could go through to the porch on the second floor.

    I considered the beach, and decided the house would look better up, in case the tide should get too high.

   This project has been like taking a "mini" vacation.  I look forward to sharing the rooms in the next few blogs.
   Where are the steps to get in?   In my imagination...for now.   So, watch that first step, it's a BIG one!!

                     Smile On!!   : )   Audrey