Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bermuda Bungalow (Part 4)

                                      The Bermuda Bungalow is open for a tour today!

     Let's go through the lower door, first.  Next time, we will take a  look at the upper deck area, where lot's of sun can be enjoyed!

   Here is the living room.  I painted it a soft shade of pink to match the lovely sand beaches of Bermuda.  The furniture is some pieces I made and painted.  The television is a large old console style.  I received the TV, with the Glen House, painted it, and added a tropical picture of an impressionist painting for the screen.

   Over in the far corner is a corner shelf with a seashell displayed.  The curtains, again are crocheted.  I did all the curtains through out the house.

   I decided on a large mural for behind the sofa.  It shows some exotic tropical birds.  Along with, a beach scene for a painting, next to it.  The plants are some that I made, and the house rabbits enjoy a little nibble, now and again.  This room measures 8 1/4" wide, 15 1/2" deep, 8" high.

   The room next to the living room is the bathroom.   Let's take a look at that, as well.

     The bathroom fixtures were a wooden kit that I put together.  Even the cabinets, and the sink, with the mirror, came in the kit.  It was fun to put them together, as well as paint them.  Right down to the paper roll, and the "truth-telling-all", scale.  I added the plant for the rabbits, some fish stickers for wall decorations, and a few tiny glass bottles for bath soap.

   Here is another view of the bathroom.  There is another seashell on top of the toilet tank. The little rugs are paper and mod-podged on to the floor. This room measures 71/4" wide, 15 1/2" deep, and 8" high.

   Next time we will go to the second floor.  We can sip a cold glass of "nectar", on the upper deck, and take a look at the last two remaining rooms.
       Thanks for stopping in today!!       Smile On!   Audrey

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