Sunday, March 15, 2015

Bermuda Bungalow ( Part Three)

    Welcome Back!   Let's go in through the front door.  The little screen door is made of foam board and bridals veil.  I used a small brad for the door knob.  At this time the door doesn't swing open, no hinges just yet.    We will tour the kitchen first.

      The kitchen is the room on the lower right side of the building.  It measures about 8" high, 15 1/4" deep and 13 1/2" wide.  It is painted a bright yellow, with a crocheted red curtain that I made.  Let's look at the room a little closer.

   I purchased the sink, and the old time vacuum was an antique shopping find.  The ice box is a kit that I purchased and put together.  It opens up and the chunk of ice sits in the top part.  That's why the big black tongs are sitting on the sink for transport of the ice when it is delivered.  I made the rug with embroidery thread on a mesh canvas.
   The large container next to the vacuum is a place to keep the rabbit food.  The rabbits are all house trained.  And, today you can see the little babies eating a nice green salad.

   The table and chairs are also a kit that I purchased and put together.  The kits are rather inexpensive, and are fun to put together, with the right glue!  I found that out the hard way.  The detail on the chairs and the realistic wood grain on the table and chairs is great.

   The cooking stove is another antique find, and the butter churn was a part of the ice box kit.  The copper kettles and the can goods, rolling pin, and white glass pitcher were all purchased.
   I crocheted the little red potholders, and the potato sack in the far corner was a good buy.   On the floor next to the cupboard is a tool box with a handy assortment of mini tools.
   The floor, chimney and green tile are all made of scrapbook papers.

   Let's have that coffee and cake, now, OK?   Thanks for stopping in today.  The tour of the Bermuda Bungalow will continue next time.
                                                        Smile On!    Audrey


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