Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Bermuda Bungalow (Part Two)

   Welcome back to the Bermuda Bungalow.  Looks like the coffee and cake is on the table.  Before we go in, I would like to show you some "before" pictures, of the inside.

   This is the condition I found this in.  The only room without wallpaper, was the lower left side room..  The rest of the rooms had a collection of difficult papers to remove.  Some appeared to be old plastic tablecloth, with a heavy fiber.  I rolled up my sleeves and started to remove the "stuff".

                                                        It took a lot of scrapping!!!

                                                             More scrapping!!!

    My husband removed the roof, and the upper walls.  That made it a little easier to remove the wallpaper.  The water bottle helped to loosen up the paper, somewhat.  At this point, I was grateful there were five rooms and no more!

   In this photo, the only room left was the most difficult, in the lower right.   By this time I had a pretty good idea as to what room would be what.  And, I called in the maintenance man to reconfigure the upstairs into two rooms instead of three small ones.  He also put the new roof on.

     There are just somethings better left in the hands of a professional.  And, he is always willing to lend a hand.
                                                      I am one grateful woman!

    As the sunsets on the Bermuda sands of my imagination, I will continue the tour next time!
              Thanks for stopping in today.       Smile On!    Audrey

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