Sunday, March 8, 2015

Renovation of the Bermuda Bungalow.

   On February 1st, I shared some photos of a dollhouse I purchased.  I called it the Bermuda Bungalow.  Since I bought it in December, I have been renovating the sweet little darling.  

   Here it is before I started.  I did some research on the buildings in Bermuda, and found that they have white roofs, and they collect rain water to supplement their fresh water supply.

    I decided on this bright blue and kept the white trim.  I removed the shingles and chimney.  After some thought we decided to remove the old roof, and put on a partial roof.  The porch has a plastic needle canvas roof, so light could go through to the porch on the second floor.

    I considered the beach, and decided the house would look better up, in case the tide should get too high.

   This project has been like taking a "mini" vacation.  I look forward to sharing the rooms in the next few blogs.
   Where are the steps to get in?   In my imagination...for now.   So, watch that first step, it's a BIG one!!

                     Smile On!!   : )   Audrey

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