Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Bermuda Bungalow (Part 6)

    This is the last look at the Bermuda Bungalow.  We will finish off the tour with a look at the main bedroom, and the outside living area.

   The main bedroom has an orange tree growing in the far left corner.  The nightstands and the dresser and table were all purchased, and painted.  The bed has a tropical headboard, that I made and painted.  I also did some wood burning on it as well.
   The "wonky" chair I made a while ago, has a home in this room.

   Here is a better photo of the bed, and nightstand.  I crocheted the bedding, and made the little book on the stand out of wood, with tissue paper for the cover, and a little acrylic paint to give it an aged look.

   It was a lot of fun designing the bed, and making it out of a thin plywood.  Here is another close-up.

   Let's head out to the outer deck area, and have a cool glass of something wonderful, OK?  

    There is a lovely view of the ocean from here, and a collection of seashells to admire.

      That's the tour!  Thanks for stopping in today!!   I hope you enjoyed the Bermuda Bungalow.

                Until we meet again!!      Smile On!    Audrey  ; )

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