Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Queen Anne Dollhouse Renovation (Part 5)

    Welcome back to the tour of the Queen Anne.  This renovation has been pure fun, for me.  Taking a dollhouse that was in a sad state, and bringing it back from the brink of the garbage heap has been quite an adventure.  I have learned a lot along the way.  

   Here is the third floor of this dear old house.

    This is the bedroom on the left side of the third floor.  Sewphe has her knitting close by her comfy chair. The bed is one that I made, and I crocheted the bedspread for it.  The night stand was a purchase that I stained.
    The vanity set and hot water bottle, were purchased.  Sewphie loves lavender perfume, and a nice hot water bottle to keep her toes toasty.
     The vase of flowers is another one that I turned on the lathe, and painted white, adding a little blue design
           As I am looking at this photo, there should be a soft little rug on the floor next to the bed.  Now, where did I put that crochet hook?

     Here is the bathroom.  This is the center room on the third floor.  The rug is a piece I found in a magazine and mod-podged it to the floor.  It worked quite nicely with the wall paper.

    I am not sure what to call this room.  It leads into the solarium, that is the top floor of the tower.
Let's see what Sewphe has growing in there.

   The little lady of the house has quite a passion for the tropical plants.  She dotes on her orange tree, and enjoys the fruit that it provides.  The poster on the wall depicts tropical birds, which is another of Sewphe's interests.

   I hope you enjoyed this tour.  Here are a few photos of before and after, once again.

           The house now sits in the room I call the "Village Room".  My husband came up with the name as he helped me move the guest bed out, and moved the houses in.   It's my happy little village.

    Thanks again, for stopping in and taking the tour.     Smile On!!      Audrey

Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Queen Anne House (Part 4)

      This is Sewphe, she is a spool doll I made back in 2012.  She has taken up residence in the Queen Anne.  She will be taking us on the tour today.

    The parlor is the first room you enter.  The furniture was a four piece set that I purchased.  This room needed a fancy set, and this fit the bill.

    From this angle you can see the stairwell, and the little kittens playing under it.  Walking past the stairwell you enter the sitting room.  A cozy area, with a rocking chair, and a basket of crochet sitting near by.  The little coal stove, with a bucket of coal, was a kit I put together.  The rocking chair and foot stool were also a kit.

     To the right of the sitting room is the dining room.  This room is located  in the tower of the house.  The dining room table and chairs are a set built by my Dad, back in 1982.  The set is made from a walnut tree he had harvested from his yard.  There are six chairs total.

    This is a picture I took from the outside of the house.  The candelabra was a fun piece I found at a craft store.  There isn't a kitchen in this house.  With a little imagination, I decided to "pretend" there is one in the imaginary lower floor.  The dumb waiter in the dining room provides beautiful meals with just a mere twinkle of a bell.  See the lovely brown doors on the far wall in this next picture?  That is the dumb waiter.

                   Let's go upstairs and see the second floor.  On the landing we see some antiques.

       The bust of George Washington, and a portrait of Queen Anne reflect the history of this house.

        To the left is the library.  The two large chairs are pieces that I built, as well as the two end tables.  The large library table was a purchase, and stained to match the house.  The portrait above the table is another of the lovely Queen Anne.  The vase with flowers is a piece I turned on the wood lathe, and added the arrangement of flowers.  The chandelier was a piece that came with the house, in a bag of "stuff".

    To the right of the stairwell and in the far corner of the tower is Sewphe's office.  She is an author, and spends a great deal of time in here, writing.  She writes her novels in long hand, and then types up the manuscripts to send off to her publisher.

                                                  Sewphe calls this her "happy place".

                Next time we will tour the third floor.  Until then,  Smile On!      Audrey

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Part Three of the Queen Anne Renovation

                                   Welcome back to the Queen Anne dollhouse.

      Here is a photo of the inside before the renovation.  The top floor was reinforced with fiber board, to give it some strength.  The walls were removed through out the house. I wanted a more open concept in this home.  

       The stair steps were removed so they could be cleaned up and repainted.  They were in a sorry-sloppy state, but well worth saving.

       Here you can see the steps put back into the house at a different angle then originally done.  The steps look much more grand this way, and really show off the unique angle of the landing half way up.  I covered the steps and landing with a wood look that matches the floors, that I decided to use through out the house.

   Here is the house, nearly done.  I have since made some changes to the furniture layout.  There is the Lady of the house, up in the room, next to the bathroom.  She decided that room would make a  more private bedroom, then the one on the floor below.  I agreed, and set to work.

   I will get my new photos down loaded soon, then I can show you the rest of the house, "up close". This was such a fun project.  I located some lovely portraits of Queen Anne, and placed those in the house as well.

     Until next time,  smile on!      Audrey

Friday, April 17, 2015

Queen Anne Renovation (Part Two)

    The weather has been perfect this past week, here in northern Wisconsin.  The sunshine and warm breezes have been calling me outside, to enjoy their company.

    However, I would like to share with you a few more photos of the renovation of the Queen Anne.



    I worked on the outside, removed the balcony and painted all the black trim, white.  I used a soft pink and white for the remainder of the walls.  The detailed gold trimmings are bits I cut from a plastic table mat, and glued on to bring out more character.

    I painted the roof white, after I replaced missing shingles on the roof.  My tower ended up a little shorter then the original one.  I am happy with the end result, however.

     As I worked on the outside of the house, I was able to study the inside floor plan.  I reconfigured the inside from it's original intent, and decided to add and eliminated rooms.  One of the many spool dolls I made took up residence shortly after the house was complete.  I'll elaborate on her story a little later.

      Here we are at the front door.  The brick foundation is a paper I purchased at a local craft store.  It worked perfect!  Once the outside was done, I was ready to start on the inside of this little beauty.  Next time I will show you the floor plan, and each room.

     Until then, smile on!       Audrey

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Queen Anne Dollhouse Renovation

     Today, I would like to bring you up to speed on the Queen Anne house.  Back on February 5th, I showed pictures of this rather tattered building.  Since that time I have been working on it's renovation.

   The tower was a complete mess.  Duct tape had been used to hold it together.  I removed it and took it to the drawing board and designed a new one for the house.

   The paint job and overall construction was also a mess.  It was decided that, there were floors that even needed to be reinforced, old paint scrapped away, balconies removed, and the stairwell inside dismantled and sanded and painted before it could be put in the house again.

   Fortunately, for me, my husband was a big help on all of these problems.  Once, the building was solid again, I could begin the "fun" part.

      Let's take a walk through this sweet old mess, together.  Watch your step, construction zone!!

                         Smile On!        Audrey  ; )

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

1930's Fibroid Doll Restoration

    I have completed a project that was given to me at Christmas.  My son, knows I enjoy a challenge, so he purchased this little diamond in the rough.  Here is some photos of the little gem.

   She is a doll from the 1930's, and is marked Fibroid, which is an early type of plastic.  She also has open and shut eyes, with a squawk box in her back, that you press to make her sound as if she is crying.  It still works!  At 85 years of age, she still has all her working parts.

             On closer inspection, I knew there were somethings that were beyond my ability to repair.

          Fortunately, the surface was not peeling away from her, just badly scratched, and the fingers worn away.   This little doll had been loved, and loved, and loved!

    She had been sitting upright in an antique shop for a long time, and welcomed a rest.  So, I placed her in a soft cushy box and let her sleep for awhile, until I could come up with a plan to freshen her up.

    Here she is, cleaned and "polished", with a little water, some acrylic paint, and a new crocheted dress.  The shoes were a purchase I had made years ago, and they fit her perfect.  I believe she felt a little like Cinderella, when they slipped right on to her newly painted and restored toes!

     Here she is, with her hair all redone, and her lips repaired.  Turned out she had some adorable little teeth that needed to be brought back as well.

    Such a fun make-over!!   I could call her Cinderella, but decided to name her "Holly Day".  After all she arrived in my life on Christmas.   She is currently sitting in the studio, enjoying a change of scenery, and looking at her new shoes, as children will!

         Thanks for stopping in today!!   Your interest in my blog is very much appreciated.  

                                            Smile On!        Audrey   <3                                                                  

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Bermuda Update!

     I hope you will be patient with me.  I reread my blogs about the Bermuda Bungalow.  I discovered I didn't publish a photo of the finished interior as a complete picture.  I have always enjoyed seeing the "whole" picture of the interiors of doll houses.  So, here goes.

                                                         Before renovations!

                                                         After renovations!

   There, now the story is complete and I can sit back and enjoy my accomplishments on this project.  Oh, that's right, the wood stove needs another arm load of wood, so those cakes can keep on coming, and the pot of coffee stays hot.

    Happy Easter, My Dear Family and Friends!!    May warm breezes, bring Spring your way!
                                              Smile On!       Audrey