Tuesday, April 7, 2015

1930's Fibroid Doll Restoration

    I have completed a project that was given to me at Christmas.  My son, knows I enjoy a challenge, so he purchased this little diamond in the rough.  Here is some photos of the little gem.

   She is a doll from the 1930's, and is marked Fibroid, which is an early type of plastic.  She also has open and shut eyes, with a squawk box in her back, that you press to make her sound as if she is crying.  It still works!  At 85 years of age, she still has all her working parts.

             On closer inspection, I knew there were somethings that were beyond my ability to repair.

          Fortunately, the surface was not peeling away from her, just badly scratched, and the fingers worn away.   This little doll had been loved, and loved, and loved!

    She had been sitting upright in an antique shop for a long time, and welcomed a rest.  So, I placed her in a soft cushy box and let her sleep for awhile, until I could come up with a plan to freshen her up.

    Here she is, cleaned and "polished", with a little water, some acrylic paint, and a new crocheted dress.  The shoes were a purchase I had made years ago, and they fit her perfect.  I believe she felt a little like Cinderella, when they slipped right on to her newly painted and restored toes!

     Here she is, with her hair all redone, and her lips repaired.  Turned out she had some adorable little teeth that needed to be brought back as well.

    Such a fun make-over!!   I could call her Cinderella, but decided to name her "Holly Day".  After all she arrived in my life on Christmas.   She is currently sitting in the studio, enjoying a change of scenery, and looking at her new shoes, as children will!

         Thanks for stopping in today!!   Your interest in my blog is very much appreciated.  

                                            Smile On!        Audrey   <3                                                                  

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